buying and delivery service in hanoi

Hanoi Solutions have got an effective year of business activities for the buying and delivery service for travelers coming in and out of Vietnam. Due to the COVID 19, there have been growing demands on relevant products and services. Big size ppe/ protective suits/coveralls with proper quality for western body type are not that available in Vietnam as they are mostly designed for locals. For those who enter Vietnam, you might need our assistance to get all the specific medicines or other specific essentials that you are in need when being quarantined.

Hanoi Solutions have got good direct contacts with factories producing the products that meet western requirements for exportation to Europe and America. We are ready to give you a hand in finding those products/ protective suits that will help protect yourself from possible risks when traveling during the COVID19 pandemic.

protective suit for traveler-big sizes
protective suite for traveler big size

We are also side by side with those who are quarantined to provide needed local services for the specific essentials with proper quality that you need and deliver them to your place no matter where you are while strictly respecting rules and regulations at the quarantine place. 

As Vietnam is preferred by westerners these days, we are here to help westerners get those unique and specific products from China that you might find that it’s difficult to get them directly from China or elsewhere. Let us help you get it as we have got good contacts to arrange them for you. 

Hanoi Solutions has been meeting growing demands for the Chinese herbal medication Lianhua Qinwen Jiaonang from westerners. This medication is believed to be an active element that help reduce the COVID19 death cases  in China and has been widely used on the coronavirus frontline in this country. The medication has been prescribed in China to relieve mild pneumonia symptoms in COVID-19 patients. It is also said that the Chinese government sent out the medication in mass volume to their staff and students living in all over the world to handle the early flu symptoms when the pandemic started reaching all countries. Lianhua Qinwen Jiaonang has been largely talked about in international mass media over the last year of COVID19 and so far has been permitted by a certain number of countries. We can help get this medicine for you. So, if you are interested in Lianhua Qinwen Jiaonang, do not hesitate to contact us for the proper quality product.


Relax. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Hanoi Solutions when you need our assistance.

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