Good deals offered to American clients living in Vietnam

Upholstery cleaning service Vietnam

As Biden and Harris have won the presidency and vice presidency fair and square in the election with strict checks and balances in the United States of America, we offer good deals to the American clients in Vietnam from now until 20 January 2021 when their new leaders enter the White House. America is really great. Keep moving on. You are tolerant, loving, and caring people.

As a leading service supplier in the market, Hanoi Solutions is so proud of the excellence in quality control for those services we are providing to foreigners living in Vietnam such as upholstery cleaning, house cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, buying and delivery, interpretation/translation, tour customization, and goods and services for westerners in Vietnam.

Our service is already expanded to all the other provinces. It is now available in all over Vietnam, those clients living in Hochiminh City, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Can Tho, and any other provinces can feel free to contact us for decent service at really reasonable price there.

Do not hesitate to contact our team for the best deal you can get for an excellent service for visitors and expatriates in Vietnam.

Mattress cleaning service in Vietnam

Hanoi Solutions’ sofa cleaning service becoming popular for expatriates in Tay Ho

Hanoi Solutions’ sofa cleaning service is becoming more and more popular among expatriates living in Tay Ho District, Hanoi.

Our technicians are to work to satisfy you and turn your home to be a desirable place. There were the weekends when our sofa cleaning service was fully booked by clients who are expatriates living in Tay Ho, Hanoi.

We are grateful for being well trusted by valuable clients and we would do all our best to deserve what we have gained.

As a leading sofa cleaning service supplier in Hanoi and other provinces, we would love to hear and appreciate the cooperation and feedback from clients to keep improving our service and meet all your needs.

Your sofa will be cleaned with the most attentive wash for both surface and deep-inside areas.

This is how our technician will do to your sofa: The technician will have a quick assessment on the upholstery to see the problems: surface material, stains/odors/dirt… He will then cover the whole sofa with the appropriate chemical solution and let it be absorbed by the upholstery. That helps treat dirt, stain, and odors. Those specific dirt/odors/stains will be particularly paid attention to. He will then attentively vacuum the dirt, stain, and odor out and dry it with his fan. The sofa will be more quickly dried with the mobilization of your fans and and aircons at home. Then you will be able to enjoy a fresh scent with a nicely cleaned sofa.

Please contact us for the highest quality of sofa cleaning service in Hanoi and other provinces.

Hanoi Solutions offers cleaning service on all types of surfaces

Hanoi Solutions technicians can perform cleaning service on all types of furniture surfaces: metal, leather, leather-like material, cloth… that bring clients utmost satisfaction.

Our staff can treat the most stubborn dirt hiding inside the sofas/mattresses and odor caused by urine, sweat and long time moss.

We offer cleaning service on office mat, decoration carpet, meeting chair, dinning chair, sofas, mattress, curtain… with highest quality.

Let us refresh your environment with our excellent technicians at the most reasonable cost.

Rug and chairs being cleaned by every square millimetre. Our sincere thanks to valuable clients for trusting us and keeping our workers busy.Hanoi Solutions offers the best upholstery cleaning service in town for your home and office.Enjoy Hanoi. Contact us when you need a local hand.Tel: 0353295376Website:

Posted by Hanoi Solutions – concierge service for foreigners in Hanoi on Thursday, 18 June 2020

Video: our technician cleaning every square millimetre of the office rug.

Service available in all districts in Hanoi and other provinces.

Relax. Contact us when you need a local hand.

Hanoi Solutions offering Printing & Advertising service

Hanoi Solutions offers customized packages of printing and advertising to its valuable customers.

We are a reliable local partner for services:

Printing on all materials: papers, plastics, cloth, wood, metal…

Customized printing and advertising.

Pop-up stall installation and event staff recruitment, training, and management.

Corporate gift arrangement.

You will get a very good value service at reasonable market price in Hanoi.

Contact us when you need a reliable local coordinator.

Buying and delivery service in Hanoi

Along with services offered to long term expatriates living in Hanoi such as upholstery cleaning, plumbing, and households, Hanoi Solutions’ buying and delivery service has seen development recently especially to those foreign visitors in quarantine.

We prioritize clients’ needs and do our best to help clients in all situations get their necessities delivered.

Amid the COVID 19 pandemic, Hanoi Solutions understand the difficulties that foreigners being quarantined as as entering Vietnam might face. We are here also to extend our buying and delivery of necessities to those who are in such situation.

Enjoy life! Call us when you need a local hand.

Hanoi Solutions’ upholstery cleaning service is back on track

Over two months after the COVID-19 lock down, Hanoi Solutions’ upholstery service is getting well back on track.

We keep providing the following service for homes, schools, offices, hospitals…

  • Sofa cleaning service
  • Mattress cleaning service
  • Rug/mat/carpet cleaning service
  • Curtain cleaning service

Feedback from clients have been so encouraging for your team.

We are here to satisfy clients with our decent and high quality service at reasonable prices.

Our upholstery cleaning service is available in all districts in Hanoi and other provinces.

Do not hesitate to contact us no matter where you are.

Enjoy Hanoi. Contact us when you need a local hand.

Hanoi Solutions offers COVID-19 PPE

Hanoi Solutions offers COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment to help people protect themselves and others from the pandemic.

Face shield

Water-resist masks.

Water resist mask

Posted by Hanoi Solutions – concierge service for foreigners in Hanoi on Thursday, 16 April 2020

We are also offering the certified anti-bacterial fabric masks are with two or three layers. Cloth is treated anti-bacterial for three washing times. After that the mask can be used as a normal cloth one.

Since the first batch of one thousand cloth masks was sent to Melbourne, Australia. The company has been contacted by clients from different countries who want to cooperate in developing the business. The certified papers for the masks are available for those who are interested in placing a order.

Branding service is available
Colours: black and white. Cloth was treated to be anti-bacterial for thirty washing times.

2. The certified COVID-19 non-woven protective suit for healthcare workers and travelers that Hanoi Solutions offers will help people protect themselves in the COVID-19 high risk areas and when travelling.

More details about the set and certified papers from trusted producers are available on request.

Set 1: Full body protective non woven suit and accessories: Glasses, Mask, gloves, and shoe covers.

Set 2: Body protective non woven suit & shoe covers.

Full body protective non-woven suit with accessories: glasses, mask, gloves, shoes.

The PPE offered by Hanoi Solutions are sourced from credited producers. We have got all the necessary certifying papers upon requests.

Stay safe. Contact us for the best deal.

Hanoi Solutions offers anti-bacterial masks at highest quality and at the most reasonable prices in Vietnam amid COVID-19 pandemic

As the dead toll in the US is increasing day by day, the CDC (the US Center for Disease Control) is recommending the Americans to follow the Asians to wear cloth masks in public to stop the spreading of the covid-19.

So, where to buy the cheapest and highest quality masks in Vietnam?

It should be possible for people from all corners in the world to have access to cloth face masks to protect themselves and others, and stop the spreading of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hanoi Solutions offers the best prices for the best anti-bacterial fabric masks:
+ Economical, washable, cloth treated to be anti-bacterial for thirty washing times. After that, it can be used as normal fabric masks.
+ Comfortable and fittable for both men and women.

Economical and washable cloth face massks, anti-bacterial for thirty washing times. After that they can be used as normal cloth ones.
Cotton material, fittable for both men and women
Logo printing service is available
  • < 500 units: 6,700VND/unit
  • 501 – 1000 units: 6,500VND/unit
  • 1,001 – 5000 units: 6,300VND/unit
  • Over 5000 units: contact us
  • Logo printing service is available

Stay safe. Do not hesitate to contact us:
Tel: 0353295376

Household service in Hanoi

Hanoi Solutions offers high quality and efficient household service in Hanoi. As a foreigner living in Hanoi, you might be occupied with work and would need a trustful hand in household. The maids to be supplied by Hanoi Solutions have got considerable experience in the field and good reference from their previous employers.

Household service in Hanoi offered by Hanoi Solutions can vary upon your request. The ladies will clean and tidy your home, do the washing up, go shopping, walk your pet, do the baby sitting job, cook your meals in different styles… These are the maids who have got good reference. They are highly recommended by those expatriates who had used their services for a long time.

Rates for the household service in Hanoi vary depending on the working hours. Standard rates (applied for apartment up to 120 square meters):

  • Two-hour block of tidying, cleaning, washing up – 200,000 VND
  • Regular household service: cleaning, washing up, general tidying, three times per week – 2,200,000 VND/month
  • Four- hour block of cooking, tidying, washing up, deep cleaning, pet sitting, child sitting, shopping… (morning or afternoon) – 500,000 VND
  • Services such as deep cleaning, upholster cleaning, pesticide spraying… are supplied upon request.

Hanoi Solutions assures the quality and wishes to extend its household service in Hanoi to valued clients.

Enjoy Hanoi! Contact us when you need a local hand.

Tel: 0353295376

Carpet cleaning service in Hanoi

Carpet cleaning service in Hanoi is more and more looked for these days. As carpet improves the look for your home, this needs to be done on a regular basis to keep the carpet not only clean but also elegant for a proper atmosphere in your home. Hanoi Solutions is proud to send the most professional carpet cleaning service in town to its valued clients’ home. We are committed to satisfy all your needs in carpet cleaning service in Hanoi with our professional team and advanced technology.

The advantage of our service is the professional and friendly team who have in depth knowledge about the quality as well as the use of the most modern equipment and advanced cleaning chemicals in an organized manner at your home. We guarantee an absolute satisfactory for clients once they decide to use Hanoi Solutions’ carpet cleaning service in Hanoi.

Our team consists of professional staff understand all each and every type of materials (each carpet material l has a different character and thus it would need specialized cleaning method). With the advanced equipment and modern cleaning chemicals, our staff will apply a complete procedure in to assure the best carpet cleaning service in Hanoi for valued clients. They will quickly assess the situation by inspecting the material and the condition and deciding on the cleaning chemical. The procedure is strictly implemented in a complete cycle and the work will be done in the most efficient and organized way.

Our carpet cleaning service in Hanoi are available in all districts: Ba Dinh, Thanh Xuan, Tu Liem, Hoan Kiem, Dong Da, Cau Giay, Hoang Mai, Hai Ba Trung, Tay Ho, Ba Dinh, Thanh Xuan, Ha Dong, Long Bien, Gia Lam, Đong Anh, Thanh Tri.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or call us at 0353295376 for the most professional provider in carpet cleaning service in Hanoi.