Challenges that foreigners might face in Vietnam

Vietnam, as a communist country, is undeniably developing and opening door to the international communities. The good foods, lovely landscapes, and friendly people in Vietnam have been extensively known by the world. As the integration process is going on, there are more and more foreign tourists visiting the country. More and more people from other countries also chose to live and work in Vietnam. The expatriate community in Vietnam has been increasing tremendously.

Foreigners at a flower market in Hanoi

As the mingling of western styles and local ones is going on, the country is witnessing rapid changes. Skylines and western brand products and services such as KFC, Starbucks, Ford, Mercedes, Circle K… are seen often here, especially in big cities.

Yet foreigners still face challenges when coming and living here.

The very first difficulty they encounter in Vietnam is the language. Though there is a growing number of English centres, and parents’ competition in investing money into their kids’ extra English classes is so intense, the fact is the majority of locals don’t speak English or speak very little English. This causes difficulties for foreigners to communicate and get access to most of local services.

The other obstacle foreigners might meet when living in Vietnam is the local culture, habit, and lifestyle. While people in Vietnam is witnessing an increasing living standard and the economy growth is obvious thanks to the open door policy, the strictness in the quality control of services and products are still a problem even for locals themselves.

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