Different upholstery cleaning methods that, as foreigners in Hanoi, you should be aware of

There are roughly three available different upholstery cleaning methods in the market that you might need to know if you want to clean your upholstery at home. The technologies, the performance of technicians and the prices are different. Hanoi Solutions wants to help its clients to open eyes when ordering these services. Please do not just judge the services by the different quotations or just the “before” and “after” images as you might not be aware of the inner cleaning technology.

1. Normal cleaning method: cleaning chemicals are dissolved in water and the liquid is sprayed on or intruded into the soft furniture. The technician will then use hard nylon brush to clean the stain and dust on the surface. After that, the liquid will be vacuumed out and then the furniture is dried by fan.

2. Hot steam cleaning: the technician applies chemicals and sprays the hot steam on the furniture surface, then he uses hard nylon brush to clean the surface. After that, the liquid inside the furniture will be vacuumed out and then the furniture is dried by fans. Generally, what makes this method different from the normal cleaning method is that there is an additional job when technician spread hot steam on the surface of the soft furniture. It is believed that the hot steam will hep kill the germs.

3. Foam cleaning: the furniture is made wet, the soft and thick foam is applied all over the surface and left there for a while. After that, the technical will be able to easily remove all stains and dirt with soft nylon brush and vacuum the foam on the surface and the liquid he put on the furniture out, and then dry the furniture by fans.

Foam cleaning

While in all the three methods, the deep cleaning techniques which means the removal of dirt, urine, odor… inside the soft furniture will be the same as the technicians will all intrude the cleaning chemical liquid inside the furniture and then vacuum them out, Hanoi Solutions suggests its clients to chose the third method if the furniture surface is soft and sensitive because: it seems in the first and second methods, the technicians so far need to use hard nylon brush to remove dirt and stain from the surface after applying necessary chemical liquid (and hot steam) on it… This may cause erosion to the surface of your sofa or carpet. Or sometimes it may also cause immediate damage (tear the sofa cover cloth) if the surface material is too sensitive or fragile. In the third method (Singaporean foam cleaning technology), thick layer of foam is applied on the sofa and carpet. After that the technician only needs to use a soft brush to remove the dirt. This is believed to be the best way for the furniture, especially soft, fragile, and sensitive surfaces (such as velvet, silk, or other kinds of these types).

Hanoi Solutions suggests its clients to read and study carefully the different methods to chose the one that can help clean and protect their soft furniture the best.

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