Hanoi Solutions offers COVID-19 PPE

Hanoi Solutions offers COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment to help people protect themselves and others from the pandemic.

Face shield

Water-resist masks.

Water resist mask

Posted by Hanoi Solutions – concierge service for foreigners in Hanoi on Thursday, 16 April 2020

We are also offering the certified anti-bacterial fabric masks are with two or three layers. Cloth is treated anti-bacterial for three washing times. After that the mask can be used as a normal cloth one.

Since the first batch of one thousand cloth masks was sent to Melbourne, Australia. The company has been contacted by clients from different countries who want to cooperate in developing the business. The certified papers for the masks are available for those who are interested in placing a order.

Branding service is available
Colours: black and white. Cloth was treated to be anti-bacterial for thirty washing times.

2. The certified COVID-19 non-woven protective suit for healthcare workers and travelers that Hanoi Solutions offers will help people protect themselves in the COVID-19 high risk areas and when travelling.

More details about the set and certified papers from trusted producers are available on request.

Set 1: Full body protective non woven suit and accessories: Glasses, Mask, gloves, and shoe covers.

Set 2: Body protective non woven suit & shoe covers.

Full body protective non-woven suit with accessories: glasses, mask, gloves, shoes.

The PPE offered by Hanoi Solutions are sourced from credited producers. We have got all the necessary certifying papers upon requests.

Stay safe. Contact us for the best deal.

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