Whether you are a long-term or a short-term tenant, we can solve your household hassles. Maybe you need a trusted cleaner, housekeeper, cook, pet sitter, plumber, or electrician. We have a network of reliable service providers in Hanoi

Upholstery cleaning service: We have got a network of really professional service providers in Hanoi who apply the most modern technology on the cleaning and drying procedure to remove odor, stains and dirt from your sofa, mattress, carpet, and curtains.

Laundry & dry cleaning service: We can come and take your clothes for laundry/dry cleaning and bring them back to your place.

Blanket/pillow/duvet…vacuum packing: We could help provide blanket/pillow/duvet… vacuum packing service when you want to tidy up your bed for hot season and for transportation.

Furniture moving to new house/apartment: We have a good resource of handy and professional service providers in Hanoi who will do all the work in packing and moving your furniture to new house.

Pet sitting: We know trusted pet sitters in Hanoi with whom you can leave your beloved puppy or kitten with for better focus on your trip/work.

Plumbing and electrical repair services: We will send an electrician or a plumber if you need to fix your air conditioner, television, fridge, oven, coffee machine, water pipe/tap, toilet…

Maid service: (currently available in Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, and Tay Ho districts): Hanoi Solutions has a network of trusted cleaners & maids in Hanoi who have worked for expatriates for a long time. They have good reference report for their ethic, sense of quality and decent skills in the field.
Basic quotation – apartment up to 120m2:
– Cleaning, washing up, tidying: 200,000VND/ 2hours
– Cleaning, washing up, tidying, shopping, and cooking: 500,000vnd/ 4hours
– Cleaning, washing up, basic tidying (3 times/ week): 2,200,000vnd/ month.
Services at specific and additional request (deep cleaning, new house cleaning…), services at peak time (public holidays & weekends) and services for larger apartments and houses with stairs will be priced according to the real situation.

Enjoy Hanoi! Contact us when you need a local hand.