tailored sofa cover in Hanoi

Hanoi Solutions now offers tailored sofa covers of good quality for your sofa. 

Why not try a more dynamic and elegant look for your home with a new color for your sofa set? We have plenty of lovely solid colors for the sofa covers you can choose from. You will surely be very satisfied with the quality of the sofa cover to be made by our skillful tailors.

The sofa cover will not only bring to you a fresher look for your home but also is a convenience in cleaning job. Instead of spending money and time on specialists to come for the cleaning service for the whole sofa set, you can just do a much more simple job by taking the sofa covers out to wash them by yourself.

And the most important thing is: with our high quality sofa covers, your sofa set will look very lovely and elegant.

Take a look at the sofa set cover we have made for a client in Tay Ho bellow. You will see how much more luminous the look is with the high quality sofa cover you ordered us.

Sofa cleaning in Hanoi
Sofa set without sofa cover
Sofa cover supplied by Hanoi Solutions
Sofa cover supplied by Hanoi Solutions

Do not hesitate to contact Hanoi Solutions for the instructions on measurements needed for your high quality sofa cover.

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